About Us

The first time you meet with a Oakwise Solicitors won’t be the last.

Our extensive expertise and experience across all key areas of law ensures that you will receive the best possible services and advice and that you have the right person working for you.

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients. It’s through these relationships, and our depth of understanding of industry and our clients’ objectives, that we are able to provide innovative, relevant and commercial advice.  Advice for tomorrow, not just for today.

Forward thinkers

Successful outcomes stem from real commitment, an eye on the future and a genuine desire to achieve our client’s objectives.

Clients tell us they want innovative thinking from their lawyers.  To achieve this, we work with clients to help them to respond to opportunities and to anticipate legal and commercial issues affecting their lives.

We anticipate impact and minimise risk, working strategically with clients to achieve both immediate outcomes and to secure the future.

That’s only possible through the relationships we build with clients.  Relationships that achieve real results, and real satisfaction.

We provide real value

We know price is important, and we know lawyers can be expensive. We work with clients to ensure that they are receiving value for the services we provide, we are cost conscious, and we offer alternative billing arrangements to provide our clients cost certainty.

Rely on us 

We know clients need lawyers that are dependable and who respond. We are committed to communicating effectively and always keeping clients up to date. We will respond to queries and we can be relied on.